delphiHave you been longing to see Greece? Turkey? Now is your opportunity. Join us on this 15 day pilgrimage. This trip we will be seeing the 7 Churches of the Revelation. While in Greece we will also tour Athens and see some of the ancient sites there like the Acropolis. Additionally, we will visit the Istanbul while in Turkey and see the Byzantine Hippodrome. We will have the opportunity to travel to the Greek island of Samos to see the ancient site of Delphi.

Download the brochure HERE and the Terms & Conditions HERE.

Franciscan Pilgrimage Testimonial:  Before committing to our Italian “dream” trip, my husband, Mike, and I waited for the Franciscan Spiritual Center to schedule another Franciscan pilgrimage. In spring 2014, we were very pleased to join a very compatible, like-minded group of people to enjoy a rich Franciscan experience sponsored by the center. With wonderful leadership, expert guides and bus drivers, the pilgrimage provided a backdrop of historical and cultural perspectives which enhanced our personal journey into the spirituality of Sts. Francis and Clare. The “behind the scenes” organization of transportation, comfortable accommodations and two meals each day alleviated much of the ordinary stress that comes with travel in a foreign country. The schedule was well-paced and allowed opportunity for free time. By: Catherine & Michael Elia

Please call the Center at 503-794-8542 if you are interested in joining us.

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