iStock_MediumHave you longed to walk in the footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare?  Don’t pass up this opportunity.  This pilgrimage will take you into the heart of the Umbrian region and to the sacred destinations of Francis, Clare, St. Bonaventure and even Pope Francis.  You will have an opportunity to be in Vatican Square of Easter Sunday.  The dates of this trip are March 19-30, 2016.  More details in the brochure and terms & conditions.

Download the brochure Assisi Brochure16 and the Terms & Conditions HERE.

Franciscan Pilgrimage Testimonial: 

I have had the opportunity to be a pilgrim on three Franciscan Spiritual Center pilgrimages. Each was well done from hotels, food, transportation, and leadership under Mary Erickson and Jon Bouillot. Each, however, had a unique feature making it stand alone. The one to Assisi in 2012 had a time with Sr. Mary Jo Chaves and her love of Francis as well as her wonderful morning/evening mediations. The one to Iona/Ireland was filled with fresh looks at Iona. I had traveled to both places before, but loved this 2013 journey with its times for me to reflect. The 2015 journey to Greece/Turkey had a wonderful sense of pilgrim community.  Sr. Anne Amati’s preparation before the trip shined as she shared her learnings through poems, history, and music with the pilgrims.            ~ Diana Aldrich

Please call the Center at 503-794-8542 if you are interested in joining us.